Vancity’s Zero Waste Events yield impactful results

Vancity sponsors Zero-Waste events

After a successful inaugural year launching our Zero Waste Events partnership with Recycling Alternative and Green Chair Recycling,Vancity is excited to share the impact this movement has had on the community. Zero Waste Events are events that reduce the amount of waste generated by diverting materials from landfills to be recycled or composted. Thus, this partnership truly embodies one of Vancity’s key guiding principles: Environmental Sustainability.

In 2014, this partnership delivered Zero Waste Events at three Car Free Day locations, Food Cart Festivals in Vancouver and Surrey, PNE Member Day and numerous other community events. Collectively, we helped 20 events move towards zero waste. An average of 90% of all waste at these events was diverted from the landfill for recycling or composting. That’s about 7,548 kg of waste that, if laid end to end, would stretch over 20 km. In terms of our carbon footprint, we helped avoid 18 tons of greenhouse gas emissions that result from rotting garbage.

“Beyond the environmental benefits of delivering Zero Waste Events, it was the reaction of event attendees and organizers that I found most heartening,” says Vancity’s Green Business Manager, Maureen Cureton. “Event visitors often took the time to thank the events team and volunteers, and the event hosts were overwhelmingly thrilled with this Vancity initiative.”

This year, we are integrating inclusive employment opportunities into some of the Zero Waste Events we deliver. We are partnering with United We Can (UWC), a local charitable organization that provides jobs for people with barriers to employment. By joining our Vancity Zero Waste partnership, UWC will be able to provide more work opportunities for people they employ from the Downtown Eastside. Look for the UWC recycling and composting ambassadors on site with Green Chair staff at weekly Vancouver Food Cart Festivals this summer.

Join us at a Zero Waste Event in your community

We look forward to seeing you out this sunny season!