Food Cart voucher program

Photo credit: Lindsay Elliot

At Vancity, we make you good money by putting the money to good. And that is why we are happy to announce that based upon the success of the farmers markets voucher program we have developed a similar program to support participating food trucks who are Vancity members.

This program will feature food carts and trucks who demonstrate that they offer a selection of high quality food on their menu, source local ingredients and adherence to strict sustainability practices. Together, with these member food carts and trucks, we share a collective vision to build the local economy, support environmentally focused food trucks and promote a sustainable food system.

Good Money™ helps local entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business

Vancity is proud to support our local businesses in the community. With the help of Vancity’s Microloan Program, many food cart vendors have been able to launch and expand their business. Vancity is proud to support Vancouver’s thriving local food scene, because through it we’re supporting the local economy and food security.

Where to redeem your voucher?

Restrictions: One coupon per purchase. Coupon cannot be exchanged for cash. No change given. Void if duplicated. Offer ends Wednesday, September 30, 2015.


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