Are you a Vancity member in tech or digital design?

Are you a Vancity member in tech or digital design?

Applications are now closed

Thank you for your interest in the Digital Member Council. We are no longer accepting applications at this time.

If you have applied, you will receive a response by Tuesday, November 28, 2018.

Are you a Vancity member in tech or digital design?

At Vancity, we strive to keep our members at the centre of all we do, whether we’re creating a new product or designing a new service. The key question we ask is: “how will this improve our members’ lives?”. Who better to answer that question than you, our member?

We are looking for 5 interested members who would like to help shape a new digital product by adding their voice to a Vancity Digital Member Council. For this project, we are looking for members who have experience with digital technology as well a passion for creating positive change in the community.

What will I be doing?

The Digital Member Council will attend a series sessions, where you will be asked to provide feedback on concepts being developed by our Digital Strategy team. These concepts will help us create digital banking products and experiences that will have a positive impact on our communities.

From testing paper prototypes to the finessing of features for a fully formed app, we hope to engage our digitally savvy members who have the experience and perspective to help create real change in their community.

What is the time commitment?

The total time commitment is up to 15 hours of in-person attendance between November and mid-March. There are 5 sessions in total and each will be 2-3 hours long. The sessions will be held during the day or in the early evening depending on the availability of the group. You will receive an honorarium for attendance at each meeting.

We ask that the participating members are available for the complete series of sessions to provide their feedback on the various stages of the project.

We anticipate the sessions will be held during the following time periods, subject to group availability:

  • Thursday, November 30
  • Mid-December (Week of December 13-17)
  • Mid-January (Week of January 15-19)
  • Mid-Late February (Week of February 19-23)
  • Mid-March (Week of March 12-16)

Am I the right fit or eligible to participate?

We are looking for Vancity members that have experience in the digital technology industry or are active users of digital technologies. You may be considered “technical” or a “techie” because you are excited to integrate tech into your personal life, job or your business.

If you have experience working in design, user experience, programming, or in product development, and would like to apply that knowledge to the Vancity digital experience, we’d love to hear from you. You do not need to be formally trained nor do you need to have a job title related to those fields. If you are passionate about making digital experiences better, and care about how this can be done in a way that makes our community stronger – we’d love to see your application.

There are only a few spots for the Digital Member Council, but we are always looking to work with our members as we develop new initiatives. You will be asked in the form if you would like to participate in future initiatives.

Why should I apply?

You have the opportunity to directly influence the digital banking experience for all Vancity members.

You will also have a chance to meet with other individuals that are passionate about your local community, technology, and innovation.

In addition, you will be given an honorarium for attendance at each meeting as a thank you for your time.

Ready to apply?

The application should take as little as 10 minutes. When you have a moment, submit your experience and contact details by Sunday, November 19, 2017, at 11:59 PM. All members will receive a response by Tuesday, November 28, 2018.

If you have any questions, please email