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Every employee is different. Each has priorities, a health profile, a family situation, and a plan for the future that's unique. We respect those differences by offering a flexible, adaptable benefits program employees can customize and change to fit their needs today and at every life stage.

Permanent employees are eligible for health, dental, life insurance, AD&D, and disability benefits, as well as a wide range of supports and services designed to help them thrive in the workplace and in every aspect of their lives.

Benefits program

Our flexible benefits program offers a mix of standard and customizable benefits that can be individually tailored to each employee's unique needs. In addition to core coverage, which includes extended health, dental, life insurance, AD&D and disability benefits, permanent employees can redeem flex credits to secure their choice of additional benefits, such as increased health coverage, travel insurance, or even extra time off. Plans can be tailored to complement the benefits of a partner, and can be updated on an annual basis to reflect the changing needs of the employee and his or her family.

Flu shots

To support health and wellness, we provide employees with free flu shots on an annual basis.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

We want to support our employees in managing all of life's complexities. Our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides a holistic approach to building a thriving workplace, healthy employees, and stronger communities. EFAP services include professional counselling, legal, nutritional, and financial support, naturopathic services, and other specialized work/life services that help individuals develop greater resilience and success both within and beyond the workplace.

Retirement program

We help our permanent employees achieve their retirement goals through contributions to a retirement program. The program is designed to meet diverse needs, with options including a Group RRSP or a Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

Reduced banking rates

We provide banking services at reduced rates for employees, including an array of accounts and financial options, free automated transactions, VISA cards with no annual fee, and preferred rates on foreign currency.

Permanent employees are eligible for preferred rates on residential mortgages and personal loans.