Call to Artists: 2019 opportunities

Call to Artists: 2019 opportunities

Our vision inspires us to think differently about wealth—to re-envision prosperity as something we can only achieve if we’re surrounded by and connected to a vibrant and diverse community. Our values-based banking model is grounded in the local economy because we believe you truly prosper when you’re connected to a healthy community.

There is currently one art call open for visual artists and artist teams living or working in the Vancity service area. This art call aims to engage the local art community in representing Vancity’s values and the community-focused aspects of Vancity’s branch experience.

Since 2012, Vancity has launched twenty-nine public art calls for art commissions in conjunction with branch remodel, relocation and renovation projects. Please see information below on the art call that are now accepting applications.

Now accepting applications

Victoria Drive community branch (02), Vancouver, BC

Vancity is now accepting applications of expressions of interest from artists or artist teams who live or work in Metro Vancouver, Squamish Valley and the Fraser Valley for this branch. We encourage artists and artist teams to review the art call requirements and then visit to register and apply online.

The Victoria Drive community branch art call will be open for submissions until noon (12:00 pm) on Friday, January 31, 2020.

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Announcements of selected artists

North Road community branch (16), Coquitlam, BC

Artist and designer Naomi Topuzoglu explores the concept of community through language, connection and education in her work. Her collaborative art commission for the North Road community branch examines the nature of cooperation and the cooperative, linking shared histories of the North Road area through metaphors and symbols for identity, values and Indigenous experiences.

Brentwood community branch (43), Burnaby, BC

Artist Blake Williams’ commission for the Brentwood community branch entwines layers of imagery and text exploring metaphors for home and community. His process engages individual stories that speak to Brentwood’s local history and present transition. The artwork will comprise sustainable materials including recycled glass off cuts, salvaged items from local businesses and unused materials otherwise bound for the landfill.

Newton community branch (27), Surrey, BC

Artist Jungmin Ko celebrates diversity through metaphor and abstract imagery. Her creative process incorporates up-cycled multicultural materials from her workplace as well as sustainable products from local businesses. Jungmin's artwork will speak to the strength of diversity, prosperity and growth of the Newton community.

Main Street community branch (9), Vancouver, BC

Artist Sally Vanin intertwines and layers iconic imagery, community activities, maps and stories within her work. In her commission, Sally examines multiple threads of local society, residents and history to share essential ideas and beliefs that help shape the unique identity of the Main Street (Little Mountain/Riley Park) community.

Hastings community branch (3), Vancouver, BC

Artist Bev Ellis creates textural art installations with ceramic and other natural media to convey stories about our shared emotional experiences. For the Hastings community branch commission, Bev will explore the neighbourhood's vitality and growth through imagery and metaphor, recognizing the people of the community and highlighting how Vancity strives to create a supportive space for diversity and members' well-being that is deeply rooted in the community.

South Slope community branch (56), Burnaby, BC

Coast Salish mural artist Trenton Pierre creates artwork with the spirit of Reconciliation in mind – believing that First Nations peoples and the rest of Canada are stepping into a time of healing. His artwork for the South Slope community branch will celebrate this spirit, interweaving story and imagery that represents the South Slope community and his heritage. With his culture and the community showcased through his multi-media approach, Trenton's artwork will share a vision of a future, healing together.

Abbotsford community branch (34), Abbotsford, BC

Artist Amy Baumann strives to cultivate a deeper understanding and respect for nature, traditional lifestyles and community through her art practice. Having lived in several countries in both rural and urban centres, Amy incorporates natural materials, social imagery and geometric forms into her artwork to depict the connections and important relationships between land and peoples.

Chinatown community branch (28), Vancouver, BC

Artist Michael Binkley creates a wide variety of figurative, abstract and wildlife works in local stone and idiom. As an artist, Michael is committed to creating sculptural works of art that can be explored through touch, a sensory experience that is often limited in the experience of artwork. Michael's exterior sculptures for the Chinatown community branch will collaboratively explore stories and forms of both Indigenous and Chinese narratives as well as acknowledge interior elements of the original Chinatown community branch designed by respected local architect, the late Joe Wai.

Point Grey community branch (22), Vancouver, BC

Local visual artist John Ferrie was raised in Point Grey and has a real appreciation for the community. For over thirty years, John has committed his art practice to visually communicate the vivid stories of the west coast. His art works are large scale, bold and engaging. For this art commission, John will showcase the bustling and diverse Point Grey community in his vibrant painterly style.

Chieftain Centre community branch (81), Squamish, BC

Interdisciplinary artist Jaymie Johnson creates site-specific artworks that explore the connections between art, environment and community. Her art practice is collaborative and community-engaged. She uses various natural and recycled materials to hand craft components used in her work. Central aspects of Jaymie's art commission will use local and traditional fibre and weaving techniques that will be shared and practiced during public workshops within the community of Squamish.

Artwork design for exterior mosaic, Vancity Centre, Vancouver, BC

Artists Sarita Baker, Rob Martin and Shane Point, proud Musqueam band member, came together through a shared belief that cultural collaboration is an effective path to Reconciliation. Their team, GreenLight, sees themselves as a microcosm of a greater social movement- coming together to heal and share this essential process as a community through diversity, creativity and learning from each other. Their selected design called 'We are One' features celestial and earthly forms embraced by diverse cultures, working together as guides towards a new place of healing, unification and understanding.

New Westminster community branch (61) , Vancouver BC

Pilar Mehlis and Sonya Iwasiuk’s artist team, Heads and Tales create collaborative installations reflecting on communities; their history, ideals, aspirations and hopes. Their multimedia commission for the New Westminster community branch will incorporate paper, acrylic media, wood, lighting and upcycled materials to share a transformative story crossing timelines and geography, acknowledging New Westminster’s Indigenous peoples, landmarks, diversity and growth.

North Vancouver community branch (21)

Artist and photographer, Sharon Tenenbaum creates multimedia artworks using recycled materials and innovative imagery to portray nature, urban landmarks and community leisure. Sharon’s commission for the North Vancouver community branch will playfully explore life and activities amongst the North Shore mountains.

Fraser Street community branch (7), Vancouver, BC

Artist team Concealed Studio creates artwork that speak to the layers and diversity that form a strong Fraser Street community. Using light, print design and geometric shapes, Concealed Studio’s work will also pay homage to the neighbourhood theatre that once stood in the building where the Fraser Street community branch now stands.

Marpole community branch (14), Vancouver BC

GreenLight is a multi-cultural artist team that collaborates on projects that support reconciliation and the betterment of community. Using indigenous wood, imagery and organic shapes, GreenLight’s commission will pay tribute to the life and importance of the Fraser River, the Musqueam people who were its first settlers and the diverse cultures that presently create the vibrant community of Marpole.